you know what, i think were growing up...


my last post was number 100


:i was a cabin counselor for eight guys at camp high five, a camp for kids with hiv aids

:i met a guy named garrett who runs HERO, a NPO based in Atlanta for pediatric hiv/aids and now ive jumped on doing photography and media and art and stuff for them. the big event is on saturday and im stoked. i have two art presentations being shown.

:jaclyn came to visit for a few days and i i dunno, im out of words. it was amazing. she is. i like this.

:alexandra called me a few days ago with 'ive never been more disappointed in you, but check online' so i saw that she put up pictures and i have no idea what shes talking about. maybe because we havent talked? she was the one that said she wanted time before we really started talking again, so im fine with that but damn. and she just unfriended me about five minutes ago...seriously, lets grow up a little. its been easier and easier to communicate with her. pretty much because we havent talked in about three weeks. im ok with that. no. im good with that.

:i went to warped tour. fuck yes. coheed and cambria, anberlin, chiodos, circa survive, holiday parade, all time low, my american heart, norma jean, paramore, bad religion...sooooo fucking good

im out of things to say. im a little pissed off at life. i dont know why. but i am. i think i feel detached.from.abandoned.

illegitimus non carborundum est

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